If you have taken your child to another emergency dentist, and they did not enjoy their visit, it may be time for a change. Yeronga Park Dental is a place to go when you need an emergency dentist near Tennyson that is friendly and even fun. When your child visits our practice, they will be encouraged to relax by our friendly staff. We also provide movies for viewing during hour-plus appointments.


Have you ever seen children fighting over who gets to enter the dentist’s chair first? That is a feeling of security and fun that we are proud to cultivate at our office. Our primary concern is exceptional service and a friendly environment that will get kids to change their mind about avoiding dental health.


Parents, in the way of helping your children stay in top-notch health, our clinic supports the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, established in January 2014. Please call us too if you have any questions about this program. In addition, we always offer same-day emergency visits for children. If you are near Tennyson, you can see an emergency dentist, and if you’re close enough, we’ll even pick you up.