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What is Endodontic treatment?

When the decay and bacteria from the outside of the tooth reaches the pulp centre of the tooth, this can infect the nerve and blood supply of the tooth causing a toothache. Root canal treatment is generally like a deeper filling all the way to the ends of the roots of the teeth through several stages at the dentist.


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Why should I save teeth?

  • To be able to keep the other teeth upright instead of them shifting into the empty gap if the tooth is removed
  • To give the remaining healthy teeth support with chewing
  • It may be the front tooth and it is in the smile zone, so aesthetically it would be ideal to save it
  • Have the ability to chew so that the opposing tooth doesn’t become a redundant tooth without its opposite chewer.

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How many stages does a root canal treatment take?

Every root canal treatment is different, but here is an overview of the steps in the treatment.

Stage 1

Removing the debris from the pulp chamber and placing antibiotics

Stage 2

Cleaning the walls of the canals out and shape them so it can later be sealed

Stage 3

Sealing the prepared canals to reduce any bacteria returning into the pulp

Stage 4

A crown is needed to encase the tooth and make it stronger

* It is very important that root canal therapy goes through every stage to be able to save the tooth so it can function without any temperature sensitivity.

Have a dental emergency?

If your tooth is decayed or damaged a root canal treatment will fix your infected or damaged nerves.


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