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When you choose Yeronga Park Dental for your dental implants you can have complete confidence you will receive outstanding advice, service and treatment. Have total peace of mind knowing you are in the care of highly skilled dentists with extensive experience in preparing and fitting dental implants.

Our dentists will make the dental implant process as smooth as possible and work with you to create a lasting solution that perfectly mimics your natural teeth.


A Permanent Solution

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a screw like titanium metal that is used as a base anchorage under the gums for missing teeth. Generally it is used to replace a single missing tooth, multiple teeth or even a full arch of teeth. Over time, healing bone grows around the implant and this will hold the implant in place.

Dental implants can offer a permanent solution to tooth loss and play a crucial role in ongoing oral hygiene and long term dental health. The dental implant surgery is much less invasive than taking a tooth out. With extensive technology, we analyse the surgical site where the implant is to be placed and a new artificial titanium implant will be anchored to the jaw bone.

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Long Term Effects

After a few months of healing, a Crown or “artificial tooth” is fabricated to then be attached to the implant to fill the gap left by the missing tooth. Shape and size of the tooth will be designed to look just like your natural missing tooth and the colour shade is generally close to perfect so that it looks very natural next to your other teeth.

Getting dental implants can be an excellent alternative to dental bridges or dentures because implants can offer a more lasting solution without impacting the adjacent teeth. In the hands of our skilled dental surgeons, this is a safe treatment with very little discomfort.

There is a unique customised treatment plan for every patient needing dental implants. Have a chat with your dentist at Yeronga Park Dental about the ideal option for your situation.


Protect Yourself

When might a dental implant be needed?

  • When existing missing teeth are impacting chewing, speech and aesthetic issues, you should chat with your dentist about dental implants immediately
  • If your dentures are not stable and rocking
  • If you have a missing tooth or you are getting a tooth removed

In the case of missing teeth, the optimum time to get a dental implant is about 3 months after the removal of the tooth. If teeth are missing too long, the surrounding teeth start to move and become displaced and the bone shrinks.

One way to think about teeth is like books in a bookcase with each one needing the one beside it to stand upright and share the load of chewing forces. If a tooth is missing, the two other healthy teeth adjacent to the space may shift towards each other if left for more than a period of 3-6 months. So if you are considering dental implants, the sooner you chat with your dentist about the options available to you, the easier your treatment is likely to be.

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Timing Is Important

Act Now

If a missing tooth is left untreated, you may not feel things changing within your mouth. However, when teeth start to move inwards, the force of chewing shifts as well, compromising the two healthy teeth beside it.

The absolute ideal time for a discussion with your dentist about dental implants is before a tooth is removed. Planning in advance to have a missing tooth replaced with an implant prevents the movement of the two teeth next door. If you already have a missing tooth and you are considering dental implants, the sooner you chat with your dentist the better.


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Why Choose Us?

Our dentist, Dr. Nicole Yuen, spent several years studying at University, with ongoing training in Sydney. Here she practiced more intricate procedures such as Bone Augmentation, Sinus Lifting, Ridge Preservation and Phlebotomy. She is dedicated to bringing the latest scientifically proven success of implant treatment to our community.

New Technology

What is Phlebotomy and Bone Grafting?

Patients requiring dental implants need to be thoroughly assessed. As each individual case is unique, so are the requirements for surgery. In some cases, the assessments can highlight a lack of bone. This may be due to the tooth being removed in the years prior, or an individual’s sinus has dropped. In either of these circumstances, the dentist will recommend bone grafting.

Together with donated and sterilised human bone (Australian made and Gold Standard) a phlebotomy is performed. This process involves drawing a portion of the patient’s blood and using a centrifuge machine to extract your stem cells, plasma cells and autoimmune healing factors to mix with the bone.

This technology has been used for over 15 years, and many patients don’t experience discomfort at the site in which the bone grafting and implant placement takes place.

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Our dentists have more than 25 years of experience, including expertise and qualifications in implants, orthodontics and sleep medicine. International post-graduate, international certified orthodontics and internationally qualified dental implant surgeons.


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