Sherwood, here is an all-too-common scenario: a person who avoids the dentist suddenly takes a dental injury and must visit an emergency dentist because of the immutable pain. This person was probably misled by poorly administered dental work in the past, so they had associated a visit to the dentist office with pain and intimidation. We are here to change the status quo.


If you live near Sherwood, try seeing an emergency dentist from Yeronga Park Dental. We are an office that is dedicated to providing a relaxing and homelike environment from which our patients can extract premium care without worry. Yeronga Park Dental has been active since 1949, always delivering new smiles from the safe office.


Yeronga Park Dental is an accredited health provider with over sixty years of combined experience between the practising personnel. What this means for you is that, when you require emergency dental done near Sherwood, you will get your service performed by the book with state-of-the-art, sterilised equipment. Try us, and let your worries go.