Elise is a highly skilled dental practitioner who recently graduated with first-class honours from the University of Queensland. Throughout her studies, Elise was fortunate to treat patients in both rural and metropolitan areas, which allowed her to gain a wide range of experiences in dentistry. She is dedicated to working collaboratively with her patients to make dentistry a more approachable experience for everyone. Elise also spent a significant portion of her studies with Queensland Health's School Dental Service, which provided her with invaluable practical experience in the field.
In addition to being a highly skilled dental practitioner, Elise has several interesting hobbies and quirks that make her unique. For instance, she has a passion for collecting rare exotic plants, which are slowly taking over her house. Her love of dentistry is clear from the fact that she has known she wanted to become a dentist since she was just 16 years old. Elise also believes that most problems can be solved by having a cup of tea and watching Kath and Kim, which is a testament to her laid-back and easy-going personality. When she's not working, Elise enjoys finding good places to eat out and trying new foods. Lastly, she has two horses and two dogs, and she is always happy to share photos of them with anyone who asks (just be prepared to spend some time looking at them!).