When you employ Yeronga Park Dental to take care of your painful tooth emergency, we are always ready. We can perform emergency dental treatment near Sherwood and repair broken teeth with style. For those scary moments, we are also willing to provide relaxation and sedation using our “happy gas,” nitrous oxide. We have seen regular patients who used to use gas to cope with fear, take a seat fully aware, confident that they will receive the best care.


Of course, in addition to serving you with an emergency dentist near Sherwood, we are always equipped to perform regular services for those patients interested in top-notch dental health. Cleaning and prevention are the best ways to put up your guard against emergency dental situations. Some of our patients need only visit us twice a year to maintain proper cleanliness.


If you live in Sherwood, need an emergency dentist, and are ready to lay your dental health in the hands of a preferred provider, give us a call. Become a part of the Yeronga Park Dental family, and feel at home when you’re in our house.