They define an “emergency” as someone with a medical condition that requires immediate care. Whether by freak accident or through the neglect of their teeth, many unfortunate souls contract a dental emergency and go through a lot of pain. Of course, the medical procedure that must be undertaken to repair the issue may hurt, but there’s no choice during an emergency. Fortunately, there is an emergency dentist near Annerley that will help you feel good as new.


Yeronga Park Dental is an office that has been in operation since the ‘40s. Our highly-trained staff have over sixty years of combined experience and are accredited for every procedure they do. In times of emergency, you can call Yeronga Park Dental and be sure that you will receive care that is relaxing, friendly, and most importantly, safe. Our equipment is always state-of-the-art and sterilised to provide unbeatable service to our patients.


In addition to working as an emergency dentist near Annerley, Yeronga Park Dental can help regular patients prevent awful emergencies. You do not have to worry when you visit for a check-up; we offer relaxation and sedation with our nitrous oxide “happy gas.” However, we are sure that you will feel more comfortable and confident after repeat visits. After all, those painful emergencies can be avoided with regular dental care.


You do not have to go through a nightmare to have your teeth repaired by an emergency dentist in Annerley. Yeronga Park Dental is committed to providing painless procedures and a home-like environment. Please call us today on (07) 3848 2478, and start your relationship with us. We will change your mind about dental health.