One of the best ways to help your child feel more comfortable when seeing the dentist is to make sure you start taking them early. You should start as soon as the teeth begin to erupt or no later than age one. As soon as your baby’s teeth start appearing, you will want to schedule an exam and commence a daily brushing regimen to get them on track early.


As kids get older, you can share age-appropriate books about the dentist which can help it seem more fun and approachable. Be sure to watch your words around them as well- avoid using words like shot, pain, or hurt. These can create negative associations in a child’s imaginative mind. Instead, focus on the positives of visiting the dentist, such as making sure they have a healthy smile free of germs.


Our dental practice near Fairfield can help your child realise how exciting going to the dentist can be. Our Fairfield-adjacent office is comfortable and homey, and we treat every one of your family members as individuals. We can also offer pickup services for patients within a 10-minute radius of our office.


Don’t let fear of the dentist keep you from holding off on important preventative care and cleaning for your child! With an early head start on oral hygiene and regular visits, you will give them the best chance for maintaining healthy teeth and gums for life.